As a teen age boy, the author of this web site, John Wyatt Uhlein  first set foot on

Grenadier at the Bay at the Head of Grenadier to hunt ducks with a good friend.

In 1952, avid fisherman and duck hunter  William L. Clay of Rochester, New York, purchased Moro Castle(see history) a 107 acre estate from the widow of the former owner Norwood Smith at auction for $5,500.

The occasion for the sale of the property was  the death of its then owner Norwood Smith who had succumed two years earlier of a heart attack on his way to renadier  from the mainland.

Shortly after the auctionin 1952 , Wyatt  Uhlein age  25  entered into a 10 year lease  of the property with William Clay with an option to buy which he did eight years later in 1960.

Wyatt  bought the estate from the  estate of William Clay for $ 22,000.  William Clay took back a mortgage for $ 14,800 payable in ten years at 4% interest.

The mortgage was fully paid in 1970.



What follows is a seventy year chronicle of Wyatt's eventual purchase of much of Grenadier's 1290 acres and subsequent stewardship of its unique wildlife habitat and grasslands.

Grenadier Island is one of only five similar islands based on underlying geology, exposure to prevailing Westerly winds, and lack of human disturbance. The combination of extensive open grasslands and limited human disturbance on the island provide an especially favorable habitat for wildlife.


Grenadier Land Management is a 501-c-3 non-profit land trust organization dedicated to the voluntary conservation and thoughtful stewardship of the undeveloped, private land on the 1290 acres of Grenadier Island, Cape Vincent, New York and Grenadier Island's unique place in early American history.

Aerial view of Grenadier Island - click for map