Congratulations! The State review board approved the nomination for the school house and with the board's recommendation in hand  the nomination will go to my Commoner for signature and will be placed on the State Register of Historic Places. Once she signs it, we will forward the nomination to the National Park Service for listing on the National Register. Washington has 45 days from the time they receive the nomination, and I don't anticipate any problems or issues. By the time the nomination makes the rounds internally, then through the mail and the Federal process, I'd estimate the school will be listed on the NR by the end of November.

John will get an official letter from us when it goes onto the State Register and again when it is listed on the National Register.


Travis M. Bowman

Historic Preservation Program Analyst

New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

On Sep 24, 2012, at 5:58 PM, Alex Porter <> wrote:

> Hi John : > Well it looks like congratulations are in order ! You have been a very diligent and attentive steward of that classic , old , place . Turning R.J. loose on it was smart , and giving it a new lease on life as Headquarters of the"John Uhlein School of Clay Target Shooting" was a great idea . So now it is going to be listed in the Natl Register of Historic Places , and I'm sure there will be a brass plaque to screw on the door to the cloak room . I hope the new found fame will not still the pleasant bark of the shotguns when school is in session . > Is the boys and girls privy out back included in the listing ? When I bring first time visitors to see the school house , I always include the privy on my tour , and pose a question : "From the evidence visible from the doorways , which was the girl's side , and which was the boy's ? " Always a thought provoking query ; do you , and /or your kids know the answer ? Best regards , Alex

John's response:


Thanks. The answer is quite obvious. Girls don't miss, as a general rule.

The School House is a special place. Not only is it a great reminder of the Island's history, it does, as you say, serve as the picnic area coupled with sporting clay. It also us serves as my starting place for pheasant shoots

Most recently, it is now the home of Schoo(ner). We buried her next to the large rock, which I will think of as Schooner's rock. We had a six gun (every one in my family had a gun) salute to her over Labor Day. She will get to watch over all