I did some reaearch on the question you raised , did Squire Holman live where Guide's Cabin is now located ?      The answer is no.  .

I went through "The Bedford Journal" , where there are 18 or more index references to Squire Holman . On pg 19 , Bedford states that Holman constructed a log house near the centre of the island , where he lived for 20 yhears . Later on pg 19 he refers to his dock , where he kept a sail boat , and used the dock for loading and unloading supplies , etc for his farming activities . On pg 21 , he tells that Holman was ejected from Grenadier in 1828 by a Mr. Post of NYC , .,,."owner of the island ."  On pg 29 Bedfords built a new dwelling on the North side of the island , about equal distance from either end of the island , and about 20 rods from the lake shore , and in the trees . He lists the trees , and states < "There are no evergreen trees on the island ." The nearest neighbor was Squire Holman , 1/2 mile SE of us through the woods . After the trees were cleared , Holman's house was visible from Bedfords . On page 59 he states : "Holman's dock was about a mile from our house , and a 1/2 mile from Holman's .

Maybe you can triangulate from these references where the two dwellings were located . But it is certain that Holman's house was not @ Guide's Cabin's location . I have always understood that the boulders and timber just West of my dock were the ruins from Holman's dock . Remember we used to catch nice smallmouth Bass over those ruins in the good old days !  Best , Alex