Wildlife Sightings

seen by Jack Carroll on Feb. 6. 2012
at his house across from Grenadier.

seen by Web Cam on August 25, 2011
at .

seen by Jack Carroll on February 6, 2012
at Dablon Point.

seen by Web Cam on
at Sean Baxter Lot Grenadier Island.

seen by Wyatt & Sandy on June 22, 2011
at Grenadier Island.


JUNE 22-25 2011


Herring gulls

Caspian Tern

Ring Bills

Blue Herons

seen by John W Uhlein and son Wyatt IV on April 15, 2012
at Near Foot of Grenadier.

seen by on
at .

Wind farms endanger birds in Northeast Corner of Lake Ontario flyway

seen by Wyatt Uhlein on May 28-June 1, 2012
at Grenadier Island.



Bald Eagle. Spotted twice West of Lagoon.

Kestrel hovering 200' over TILT barn

Killdear along Association road

seen by Jack Carroll on 6/24/2012
at 150 yards West of Al Porter's Cabin.

Jack was mowing in that field.

seen by Wyatt Uhlein Sr. on 9/24/2012
at A migration of Northern Flickers must be coming through.We saw several at different locations on Grenadier.

seen by Sandy Uhlein on Memorial Day 1981-2013
at .

Sandy Uhein Bird Diary 1981-2013

seen by Jack Carroll on February 2007
at Grenadier Island.

Just reread the following exchange re possibility of Wolves on Grenadier.