Our trip home first night Chapel Hill. April 2014

From Chapel Hill we got a very early start (for us , anything before 8 is early ) which enabled us to reach Bloomsburg , PA well before cocktail hour . The Inn at Turkey Hill has a couple of rooms set aside for guests with dogs , and it has a fancy , little dining room , plus a big , brew pub , in a barn like building , separate from the Inn . We opted for this , so it was an informal dinner , washed  down by an IPA of a good character .

Grenadier Island lies in Lake Ontario, about a mile and a half from the New York State shore.The view from the North side r"our side") is of the entrance to the St Lawrence River. In the fall of the year, it isn't hard to imagine a feathered river of ducks and geese flying up the big waterway,and descending on Grenadier,to take a break from the hard work of migrating south.

Peter Remington and HAP to the island in the AM (after repairing steering cables in the Club boat) to find (Oh Woe!) that the steers had broken out of the corral . We spread hay and grain for them , and decided to spend the night , and hope to shut them in for another attempt in the morning .